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Hornet aka The French Horne
Hornet aka The French HorneVocals, Banjo, Guitar, Accordion, Melodica.
With dreams of taking his blowing and plucking talents to the Olympics, Horne unfortunately suffered an injury from ingesting a piping hot cheese and tomato toasty.
His dreams smashed, he met Future Simmo who’d travelled from the present to the present to present Horne a future in Skiffle-tronica.
Luke Bear aka French Fry
Luke Bear aka French FryVocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Skiffle Tree.
Luke can not function without a shower. If Luke isn’t 30% wet 100% of the time, every time, he get’s grumpy.
Rumour has it he was made by a factory that makes those things that you put in water and they grow triple or four times the size overnight.
Other’s say Luke is in fact Aquaman but after a starfish touched him inappropriately he’s never made it back to the ocean.
Long Tall Tom aka 'Tom On His Phone'
Long Tall Tom aka 'Tom On His Phone'Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Double Bass
Will tell you stories of his life that will not only make you want to rip off your own ears and stuff the wounds with Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Kettle chips, but also move to a new planet.
Long tall Tom is made entirely of warm lager and undercooked pizzas.
Future Simmo aka Mr Entertainment
Future Simmo aka Mr EntertainmentVocals, Guitar, Percussion.
Some say he invented fuzzy felts. Some say he was involved in toy shops not ordering enough Buzz Lightyear action figures to meet demands during the 90s.
All we know is that due to a re-wiring fault in his entertainment CPU and growing up on the mean streets of Jamaica and Euro Dollywood he can not help but to shout words such as “Boom Shanka” and “DISCO”.
Daryl Bear aka Double Barrel Daryl aka Deebs
Daryl Bear aka Double Barrel Daryl aka DeebsVocals, Double Bass, Guitar, Skiffle Tree.
With hair made from bald men’s dreams and hands made of ever-lasting gobstoppers, Daryl was all set for a long career re-making cartoons from the 50s with poorly animated CGI.
Luckily, while meeting Luke and Tom at a local swimming baths they convinced him that there was a long career in a musical genre most people don’t know what it is or think it’s called “Skittle”.
Chase Time Continuum aka Alan
Chase Time Continuum aka AlanVocals, Guitar, Double Bass, Percussion.
He was forged when two wrestlers called Alan and Jason fell into the fly machine whilst wrestling for the right to drink the last bottle of Perlenbacher in their shared fridge.
Doc aka Bob aka Bobby
Doc aka Bob aka BobbyVocals, Guitar, The Looks,
Nobody knows what gear he’s in?!
Can be found working somewhere where he’s not supposed to be working.
DougVocals, Cajon, Guitar, Percussion.
Doug has the most sensitive hearing out of all of the handful. He can hear feedback that’s 20 miles away. But he still can’t hear the “foldback”.

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The Maverick travels through time but spends most of it in 1938 on the Mississippi delta, putting on a one man show, known for it’s “dirty blues” and lone can-can girl routines…
The Lovin’ Handful caused a kink in various timelines where The Maverick falls through occasionally. The only way The Maverick can carry on travelling is by melting faces of The Lovin’ Handful at gigs in the deepest parts of Norfolk.